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Green Pest Pro
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Full Season of Fertilizer y y y y
Full Season of Weed Control y y y y
Soil Builder y y y y
Fall Fertilizer & Weed ControlTreatment y y y
Perimeter Insect Control y y
Chinch Bug Protection y y
Ant Hill Protection y y
Wasp Nest Protection y
Full Property Vole Control y
Starting from: $199 $249 $549 $849
$ saved by bundling $15 $35 $105 $205

Add-Ons at a discounted rate:

Aeration only $65
Power Raking (turf area only) $125
Full Spring Clean up with Aeration & Power Raking $225
Full Season of Perimeter Insect Control $299
Full Season of Vole Control $399
Fall Aeration & Overseeding $119

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