Lawn Care Packages and Prices in Calgary

Your Premium, Certified Weed Control Service in Calgary

Discover our specialized lawn care packages tailored for Calgary’s unique environment. Our services, from weed control to fertilization, are crafted to enhance the beauty and vitality of your lawn. Choose the package that aligns with your needs, and let us bring the expertise needed to transform your Calgary lawn into a thriving masterpiece. Browse to explore our offerings and elevate your lawn care experience.

Lawn Care Packages

2024 Pre-Season Sale on Now!

$297 $400
  • Unlimited Weed Control
  • Early-Season Fertilizer
  • Mid-Season Fertilizer
  • Late-Season Fertilizer
$397 $520
  • Unlimited Weed Control
  • Early-Season Fertilizer
  • Mid-Season Fertilizer
  • Late-Season Fertilizer
  • Liquid Aeration
$797 $960
  • Unlimited Weed Control
  • Early-Season Fertilizer
  • Mid-Season Fertilizer
  • Late-Season Fertilizer
  • Liquid Aeration
  • Soil Enhancer
  • Soil Flusher
  • Chinch Bug Control

Prices are for lawns up to 2000 square feet. Larger lawns will have additional charges. GST not included.

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What’s included?

Unlimited Weed Control:

With every lawn care package, Unlimited Weed Control is included. Early in the season we do a “full blanket” weed control treatment to stop weeds in their tracks. After that, any new weeds that pop up will be spot treated during each fertilizer visit. This is usually enough to keep your lawn weed free all season long. If for any reason you have an issue with weeds popping up, just call and ask us for a free service visit.

Early-Season Fertilizer Application:

In the spring, you will receive a granular fertilizer application. This fertilizer is formulated for the spring and will help green up your lawn after winter dormancy. This application will focus on “waking up” the lawn from winter dormancy by feeding it nitrogen.

Mid-Season Fertilizer Application:

Once the temperatures start to rise and the lawn starts growing faster, an mid-season application of fertilizer is applied. This fertilizer application focuses on root growth to help the lawn prepare for the heat of the summer. It is also packed full of iron, a micro-nutrient that helps your lawn get that deep-green color.

Late-Season Fertilizer Application:

As summer begins to wind down in Calgary, you will receive a Late-season fertilizer application. This application is specifically formulated to help your lawn recover after a stressful summer and will help your lawn grow deep, strong roots. Your lawn lawn will look amazing up until the end of the lawn growing season.

Liquid Aeration

Lawns become compacted over the year, and they need an annual aeration to keep it performing well. In the summer you will receive a liquid aeration that will aerate your soil like never before and make the soil less compacted and help grow deeper roots. With liquid aeration, you will not need to mark your underground sprinkler heads or be left with messy aeration cores all over your lawn.

Soil Enhancer

The soil enhancer application will be applied at the beginning of your lawn care program and will make your soil a soft, nutrient-rich environment for your lawn to thrive. This granular application will slowly feed your lawn for months with a rich carbon and Humic acid source that will increase microbial activity, improve soil quality, break down clay and increase water retention. Your lawn will benefit by a yearly carbon feeding by increasing its root growth which allows for higher nutrient uptake and better resilience during dry periods.

Soil Flusher

The soil flusher application is applied at the same time as your Soil Enhancer application and will help your soil by flushing out salts and other contaminates from your soil. Each year, our soils build up bicarbonates due to the high levels of sodium in Calgary water which causes the soil to be alkaline. Alkaline soils do not recover well from dog pee and winter damage.

What should I expect?

Notification before your service – You will receive an email the day before your service to let you know that you are scheduled. No one needs to be home, just make sure the lawn is free of any obstacles like toys and dog waste and that your gates are unlocked.

Notification after your service – When we have completed your service, we will put a sign in your lawn and leave a service card on your door letting you know which services were completed and any post-care instructions.

“Done for you” lawn care – By using one of our lawn care packages, you never have to worry about what products to put on your lawn. Our programs are automatically scheduled for you throughout the season and ensures that the right products are being applied at the right time. All you have to do is water your lawn!

Weed-free guarantee – With any of our lawn care packages, we offer “unlimited weed control” and with that you can have to confidence that you will be weed-free all season long. If at any point a few weeds pop up, just call us for a free service visit and will get rid of those weeds for you.

No impossible-to-escape “auto-renew” contracts? – We will NOT lock you into one of those impossible-to-escape “auto-renew” contracts that annoy thousands of homeowners every year. We will NOT automatically charge your card next year. You will receive a quick reminder when it is time to renew your package. We do not want to bind you to any “contract” or “auto-renew program” that is impossible to get out of. As long as you are happy to receive our service, we are happy to provide it.

The best value for lawn care packages in Calgary – There may be cheaper options out there and more expensive ones too, but with Cougarstone Lawn Care you can guarantee that you will be getting the best value for your money. Included in the price of every lawn care package is the highest quality of lawn care products available and amazing customer service.

Which lawn care package should I choose?

We offer 4 different lawn care packages to choose from. Each package will guarantee a weed-free lawn for the entire season and the nutrition your lawn needs to maintain optimal health. As the packages progress, there are more beneficial services to give you the best lawn on the block.

The Bobcat Package

Our most basic lawn care package. It is intended to give you the basic nutritional needs during the season while guaranteeing a weed free lawn. This package does not include any extra services that will maximize the effect of the fertilizer or help build the soil profile.

Choose this package if you:

  • Use your yard very little
  • Want the most basic option

The regular price for this package is $400 – Promo on now!

The Lynx Package

I includes everything from the Bobcat Package plus a Liquid Aeration that will loosen and aerify your soil like never before.

Choose this package if you:

  • Use your yard periodically during the season
  • Want an aeration

The regular price for this package is $520 – Promo on now!

The Cougar Package

Is our best-selling lawn care package! This package includes everything from the Lynx plus additional soil treatments. The Soil Enhancer and Soil Flusher applications will help you get the most of out of your package by adding micronutrients, humic acid, and carbon to the soil and also flushing out any contaminates that have accumulated.

Choose this package if you:

  • Love your lawn
  • Use your yard moderately to frequently
  • Want to improve your lawn and the soil health
  • Want to get the most out of your fertilizer applications
  • Have Dogs

The regular price for this package is $640 – Promo on now!

The Rocky Mountain Package

Our most comprehensive lawn care package. This package includes everything from the Cougar Package plus an insect control program. Calgary has many insects that can devastate lawns. This program will eliminate and prevent any insects that damage lawns such as Chinch Bugs, sod webworm, Cutworms and ants. This lawn package is for anyone that wants the best lawn on the block, or if your lawn is doing poorly and you want to bring it back to life.

Choose this package if you:

  • Really love your lawn
  • Use your yard frequently
  • You have dogs
  • Want to improve your soil
  • Want to protect your lawn from insects such as Chinch Bugs, Sod Webworm, Cutworms etc.

The regular price for this package is $960 – Promo on now!

How do I get the best results from my Lawn Care Package?

Our fertilizers and weed control products are amazing and effective, but to get the best results, a proper mowing and watering schedule should be followed.

Watering – Proper watering is extremely important for maintaining the health of your lawn. Without watering, keeping a lush lawn will be very difficult. Our lawn here in the Calgary climate requires a minimum of 1 inch of water per week. Remember, just like you, your lawn needs water to survive and thrive.

Mowing – Having the proper mowing schedule and techniques are important for maintaining a lush lawn. Your lawn should be mowed once a week and never remove more than 1/3 of the length of the grass blade should be removed at a time. Your lawn should be cut no shorter than 3 inches in height during the growing season.

I want my lawn to be green and weed-free, can I just do the program for one year?

Sure, our program will help you get a greener and weed-free lawn from when you first start. It is important to know that your lawn needs nutrients constantly to thrive and a regular weed control program to keep it weed-free. This program is meant to be used year after year to keep your lawn growing and looking its best. The longer the program is used, the better your soil will be, creating an amazing environment for your lawn to thrive. The stronger and healthier your lawn, the fewer weeds you will get germinating in the future.


We want you to succeed with our programs, so we created a handy guide to teach you the proper way to care for your lawn in our learning centre – just click here.

Lawn Care packages and prices in Calgary

You can choose from 4 different lawn care packages with a price to suit your budget and need. The cost of these packages starts from a very affordable price of $297 for an entire season, and this price covers lawns up to 2500 square feet.  For each property, we will measure your lawn area via satellite image and send you a price in a no-obligation estimate email.  Promos on now!


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