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Your Best Bet to Control Chinch Bugs in Calgary

So, you think you have

Chinch Bugs?

  • Chinch bugs are a big problem in several communities in Calgary and they can kill your lawn quickly when the infestation gets bad enough.
  • Even when a chinch bug issue is just starting, it can make your lawn look terrible and you don’t want to be that neighbour with the bad lawn.
  • Chinch bugs are almost impossible to control on your own.

We are here

to help:

  • We feel your pain and can help you save your lawn with our Chinch Bug Control Program.
  • We use safe and professional products to guarantee that your chinch bugs will be gone. These professional products can not be found at big-box stores in Calgary.
  • Our chinch bug treatments are safe for pets and children

Here is the solution

2-visit treatment program

  • This program will start working immediately to eradicate the active adult and juvenile chinch bugs in your lawn.
  • We will schedule the applications according to the time of year and severity of the infestation.
  • Was $369 Now $319 $50 off. For lawns up to 2500 sqft

How does

it work?

Initial Visit – After you sign up for the program, we will visit your property and do an assessment. We will confirm that you indeed have chinch bugs, and your lawn will be treated at that time. (Don’t worry, if you don’t have chinch bugs, we won’t treat your lawn or charge you).

2nd visit – We will automatically schedule a second treatment for your lawn. This 2nd visit is typically done from mid-July to mid-September and will be properly scheduled according to when your first application took place. We will send you an alert the day before your service to let you know that we are coming. You don’t need to be home. Just make sure your gates are unlocked and pets are inside.

How do you treat them? We treat the lawn with a truck mounted sprayer and a long hose that will reach every area of your property.

How long do I have to stay off the lawn? After the treatment is applied, we ask that you and your pets stay off the lawn until it is dry. It may only take a couple hours (depending on the weather) and once it’s dry, then you can use your lawn as usual.

Is it safe for pets and kids? Yes, all the products that we use are safe for pets and kids. We take the safety of our clients, their children, and their pets very seriously and abide by all rules and regulations. These products are approved by Heath Canada and comply with the Pest Control Products Act and they are also approved for use in residential settings. The products are based on a naturally occurring compound from the Chrysanthemum flower.

When can I mow or water my lawn? Please do not mow or water the lawn for 24 hours after application is complete.

What if it rains? Calgary can have some unpredictable weather. If it happens to rain after an application, it can affect the effectiveness of the application. But, in most situations, a bit of rain or a small drizzle has very little effect. Should it rain enough that the treatment was ineffective, we will re-apply free of charge.

Tell me

more about Chinch Bugs

What are chinch bugs?
A chinch bug is a turf grass pest that feeds on the sap of the grass plant and damages it by injecting a poison. They live in the lawn and can destroy an entire yard in as little as 3 years if the problem is not fixed.

How do you pronounce “chinch”?
“Chinch” is pronounced “Chin – ch” but it is also acceptable to pronounce it “Sinch”

How do I know if I have chinch bugs?
Usually, you will know that you have a chinch bug problem when the sunniest parts of your lawn are starting to brown, and the brown areas get worse even when watering your lawn adequately. If the infestation is bad enough, you may see them crawling on cement sidewalks and patios in the heat of the day. You can inspect your lawn by pulling the turf apart near the brown areas and looking deep into the thatch layer. If you see bugs that look like the ones in the pictures, then you have chinch bugs.

Why am I getting chinch bugs?
Chinch bugs are getting to be a quite a huge issue in certain Calgary communities. They love sunny, dry areas of the lawn and can cause significant damage to your grass. If you have areas that receive a lot of sun, your property may be more susceptible to a chinch bug infestation. Chinch bugs also tend to favor lawns with a thick layer of thatch, so managing your thatch layer by proper lawn care techniques can help.

Which communities in Calgary do you see the most chinch bugs?
In 2021 we saw the most chinch bug activity in Southeast Calgary. The communities that were the most affected were: Mackenzie Lake, Mackenzie Towne, Auburn Lake, Cranston, New Brighton, Mahogany, Copperfield & Douglasdale. Some other nearby communities had chinch bugs, but not as prevalent of the ones mentioned above.

In North Calgary, there was much less chinch bug activity, but we did find some in the Northwest communities of Hamptons, Panorama Hills, Citadel and Huntington Hills.

Will chinch bugs go away on their own?
Typically, once you have chinch bugs, they will stay until treated. If left unchecked, the problem will get worse over the course of the summer. Adults will hibernate over the winter and the problem will get progressively worse the following year as adults come out of their over-winter spots and new eggs hatch. Harsh winters can influence chinch bug population as some adults will not survive. Mild winters can have the opposite effect and cause spikes in chinch bug populations.

Can I treat chinch bugs by myself?
By golly some people have tried, usually with limited results. We have heard of spraying dish soap, which seemed to kill the chinch bugs it touched, but could never get the ones deep in the thatch layer where they live. Also, putting that much dish soap into your lawn can’t be good for it either. Others have tried using products from box stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s, some of which were not even labelled for use in lawns, which is never recommended.

Do you have any PREVENTION TIPS for me?
Good lawn care practices are a good defence for chinch bugs. This means mowing your lawn at the proper height of 3 inches and ensuring your lawn is receiving no less than 1 inch of water per week. It is also important to have a good fertilizing program in place to make sure your lawn is getting all the nutrition it needs to stay healthy.

Will the chinch bugs come back after treatment?
In a single season, there can be 2-3 generations. Because of this, eggs are being laid at different times of the year and the eggs are not affected by any treatment. If any eggs hatch the following spring, new chinch bugs will emerge and they will then start to affect your lawn again, and the cycle continues. It is very important to note, that after you get your lawn treated, the following year you should exam your lawn carefully by checking any areas that are browning.

We also live in close proximity to one another, so even though chinch bugs move very slowly it is very possible for chinch bugs move from yard to yard.

How much does it cost to treat chinch bugs in Calgary?

The 2-application chinch bug control program is priced at $369. Our pricing covers properties with up to 2500 sq ft of lawn area. Lawns larger than 2500 sq ft will be measured and priced accordingly. From time to time we may run promotions, so please make sure to check for the current pricing.


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