I’m Michael Denis,

The Owner of Cougarstone Lawn Care in Calgary

We are a family-owned, locally operated small business specializing in Lawn Care and Exterior Pest Control for residential properties in and around the Calgary area. Please click on the video to learn more about Cougarstone Lawn Care and why you should choose us as your local, trusted lawn care service provider.

Lawn Care Packages

2024 Pre-Season Sale on Now!

$297 $400
  • Unlimited Weed Control
  • Early-Season Fertilizer
  • Mid-Season Fertilizer
  • Late-Season Fertilizer
$397 $520
  • Unlimited Weed Control
  • Early-Season Fertilizer
  • Mid-Season Fertilizer
  • Late-Season Fertilizer
  • Liquid Aeration
$797 $960
  • Unlimited Weed Control
  • Early-Season Fertilizer
  • Mid-Season Fertilizer
  • Late-Season Fertilizer
  • Liquid Aeration
  • Soil Enhancer
  • Soil Flusher
  • Chinch Bug Control

Prices are for lawns up to 2000 square feet. Larger lawns will have additional charges. GST not included.

Click here to see the full details of these packages and what to expect

Exterior Pest Control Packages

If you have little rodents called voles tearing up your lawn or digging holes, we have the solution for you. Our season long Vole Control Program will exterminate the voles on your property and keep you protected for the entire season.

Click here to see our Vole Control page and learn about our program.

Chinch bugs are a huge issue in some areas of Calgary and they can cause tremendous damage to your lawn. Our Chinch Bug Control Program will save your lawn from these nasty bugs.

Click here to go to our Chinch Bug Control page and check out the solution.

Ants, spiders, and other creepy crawlies can really “bug” you when you are relaxing in your yard, and you don’t want them getting into your house. Our Perimeter Insect Control Program can help eliminate these annoying insects.

Click here to see the details of our Perimeter Insect Control Program.

My Personal 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

We are committed to offering the best lawn care service in Calgary. We strive to maintain the highest quality standards while continuing to meet and surpass customer expectations. We know you will love our company. If our work is not excellent, we will re-do the item in question for FREE. If you are still not satisfied, you don’t owe us a penny. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Reasons to Choose Cougarstone Lawn Care

9 Reasons To choose Cougarstone Lawn Care

(Because 10 just seemed extreme)

  • Top quality work each and every time
  • Trustworthy, friendly team
  • You are protected – We are fully insured (including snow removal) and have WCB coverage on every team member
  • You can count on us! We are always reliable
  • You can try us Risk-Free! 100% Satisfaction or it’s FREE
  • Convenient billing with Credit Card
  • Top-notch customer service – Communicate with us easily via email or phone
  • Many 5 star reviews from satisfied clients that keep coming back (be sure to read some)
  • No contracts! Cancel anytime

You should NOT choose Cougarstone Lawn Care if

(If this describes you, we are probably not the right company for you. No hard feelings, though!)

  • You are looking for the absolute cheapest service you can find
  • You prefer working with unlicensed, uninsured service providers
  • You want a professional lawn care service company to compete with a price you got from a guy on Kijiji
  • If you don’t care how your property looks after a service is complete
  • You don’t care if you book a service and they never show up
  • You like spending your free time doing yard work


Here is what some of our clients are saying about Cougarstone Lawn Care

I met the owner, he did my lawn, he was awesome. So nice and friendly and such a hard worker. I won’t ever have to call another company again. Loved it!

Alexandra Constantinidis

Mike has been taking care of my lawn for over 10 years and i am so happy with his service! He is honest and will tell me exactly what i need. He is reasonable priced and provides excellent service. You cant go wrong with Cougarstone Lawn Care.

Ezi B

I recently reached out to Cougarstone Lawn Care to help upkeep my front yard and have been really pleased with the professionalism and quick response right from the initial contact. Earlier in the week there was a slight mishap with the …More

Denise Pelletier

For years, I spent many hours and hundreds of dollars fighting dandelions and other weeds in our backyard by digging them up, and with spot sprays, weed bars, etc., and never could get control of them. But after one weed treatment this …More

Shaun Frenette

Professional, curteous, accomodating service. Our lawn looks beautiful! Such a lovely job. Thank you so much! Highly recommend as a dependable company! …More

Adi C

10 things you should know before hiring a lawn care company in Calgary

How is their reputation? Google reviews are generally the best reviews to look at. They are widely used, and Google does a decent job at making sure most reviews are genuine and from real clients. There definitely can be a few fake reviews out there, so it also helps if the company you are considering hiring has more than a handful of Google reviews. Try to find companies that have around 100 or more reviews, this usually means they have been around for a bit and have established relationships with their clients. Be sure to read both the positive and negative reviews.

How is their communication & customer service? This is a big one. The lawn care industry has a very bad reputation for being terrible at customer service! We hear it all the time, people trying to get reach their existing lawn care company or trying to reach a new company to book lawn care and it ends with unreturned voicemails or emails. If you call a lawn care company, do they answer the phone or return your call within a reasonable amount of time? If they don’t, you probably shouldn’t use them.  Remember, you will be doing business with them, and you want to make sure they are responsive.  Having a company with good customer service will save you a lot of time and stress in the long run.

Are they knowledgeable? If you are going to trust a company to take care of your lawn care and pest control problems, you want to be sure that they know what they are talking about. First and foremost, the company you hire for your pest control or weed control & fertilizer needs, must be licensed as certified applicators by the Province of Alberta. Certified applicators must also continue education throughout their career to stay up to date. When speaking with someone from the company, were they able to answer your questions unscripted? Does their website show that they are knowledgeable and answer all your questions?

Do they auto-renew your lawn care package? This point is very important to understand. Some lawn care companies that offer packages for weed control & fertilizer will automatically renew your package for the following year. This may seem like a convenient feature, but it has been the reason that many lawn care companies get a terrible reputation. A quick Google search of “lawn care scams in Canada” will let you know why you should not hire a lawn care company that does this. Instead, the best lawn care companies in Calgary should just sent you a quick, friendly reminder when it is time to renew and leave it in your hands.

How much do their lawn care packages cost? When hiring a lawn care company in Calgary, their pricing might be a factor in your decision. You should compare pricing between different lawn care companies in Calgary. If you are seeing pricing that seems cheap, you need to ask yourself why. Am I getting less service? Are they under-applying product? Fewer visits? Lower quality products? Under-paid employees? Usually when lawn care package prices seem too good to be true, it’s because they usually are. It is never a good idea to base your decision on price alone.

Do they guarantee their work? When you are looking a lawn care company in Calgary, make sure they guarantee their work. They should be able to offer to fix anything for free and have a money-back guarantee just in case they are not the company for you.

Are they licensed and insured? A reputable lawn care company should have liability insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, WCB coverage, and be able to provide this information if you request it. If they offer weed control & fertilizer packages, make sure they are certified applicators.

Are they reliable? You will be surprized how many people call us because their last company just disappeared or never showed up when they said that they would. Trusting that your lawn care company will show up should be a big factor when you are making your choice. This is another reason to check their Google reviews, it may give you some insight into their reliability.

Are they local or a large franchise? Calgary has weed control & fertilizer companies of various sizes. You will also have to consider if you want to support a large, multi-city or smaller, family-run business.

How is their website? Does it do a good job of representing their company? Is their website informative? Is their website filled with stock photos from the internet or do they post real photos of their own work? Do they have photos of their actual team/staff members? Is their content relevant to lawn care in Calgary?

These are some factors you may consider to help guide you in finding the best lawn care company in Calgary.