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About the Owner

My name is Michael Denis and I was born and raised in the small town of Creston in British Columbia. There, I attended school from kindergarten to grade 12. I still have family there which allows me to visit the Kootenays from time to time. Growing up in the Kootenays was full of adventure with never-ending hiking and fishing, which has led to the same interests today.

I have always had the entrepreneurial sprit and I knew from an early age that I would operate my own business some day. After high school, I moved to Calgary and attended a business program at SAIT to gain further knowledge about running and operating a business. Once school was finished, I did what any young person would want to do, forget “real-life” and travel the world for a year. After multiple backpacking trips to such countries as Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, it was time to embark on my entrepreneurial journey. From 2004-2010 I was involved in Real Estate as an agent and operated a small, interior finishing company.

In 2011 I started Cougarstone Lawn Care because working outside was my passion. Over a decade later, my company has grown to be something I am very proud of. Since 2011 I have married and started a family, and I continue to run Cougarstone Lawn Care with the same excitement I have had since its inception. Today, I remain proud of my business and all the many amazing team members that have helped to shape and grow Cougarstone Lawn Care into the leading lawn care company that it is today. I plan to continue growing and operating Cougarstone Lawn Care and I know it will be a business that remains in Calgary for decades to come.

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About the Business

Cougarstone Lawn Care was established in 2011 with the mission of having outstanding customer service and making lawns look amazing. It was started by the current owner, Michael Denis and with one helper. Now we have become one of the leading lawn care companies serving Calgary.

In its humble beginnings, Cougarstone Lawn Care was a full-service yard care business that took care of many of the tough chores for homeowners such as mowing, yard clean ups, tree trimming, power washing etc. The goal was simple, treat each property as if it was our own, and provide the best possible customer service. By providing excellent customer service and making sure our work was perfect each time, it didn’t take long for people to notice, and word about Cougarstone Lawn Care spread around West Calgary. By 2013, we were able to employ 3 local team members and help even more people with their yards. Cougarstone Lawn Care quickly established itself as one of the most reliable lawn care companies in Calgary and still to this day has prides itself on having the best customer service in the industry.

In 2013, the business discovered how to make lawns green and weed-free and a new obsession began. We started offering weed control & fertilizer programs and started testing these programs to see how they could be made better. This obsession is still in effect today and has paved the path to having us offer some of the best lawn care programs in Calgary. The obsession didn’t stop with making lawns green and weed-free, over the years we noticed all the other issues that could arise with having a lawn. Voles (rodents) and Chinch Bugs were starting to make the news about how they are devastating lawns in Calgary and we were noticing this on our clients’ lawns too. These issues gave birth to “Exterior Pest Control” programs and Cougarstone Lawn Care was now able to help clients with a wide array of lawn issues.

Today, Cougarstone Lawn Care still stands by their original mission by having outstanding customer service and making lawns look amazing. By the amazing support of the Calgary community, we have been able to offer our lawn and pest packages city-wide.

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