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Your Best Value Vole Control Service in Calgary

Why get a Professional

Vole Control Service

  • Voles are a huge problem in Calgary and have been getting worse each year.
  • Voles are destructive rodents that will damage your lawn, shrubs, and landscaping.
  • Voles reproduce at a rapid rate and will quickly spread to other areas of your yard and to neighbouring properties.
  • Once you have voles, they can be very difficult to control on your own.

Why you should choose

Cougarstone Lawn Care

for Vole Control

  • We offer the highest value Vole Control Program in Calgary!
  • We offer more bait stations than any of our competitors to keep your property clear of voles.
  • Our Vole Control Program includes regularly scheduled bait refills and bait station maintenance all season long.
  • We use high-quality and safe products that ensure results. These products are superior to those that are found at box-stores in Calgary.
  • We use pet and child-safe techniques to ensure only voles are targeted.

Here is the solution

Season-long Vole Control Program

  • This program will exterminate all voles on your property and create a barrier around your property
  • This program includes monitoring visits
  • Was $509 Now $449. $60 off!

How does

it work?

Set up Visit – After you sign up for the program, we will visit your property and do an assessment. At that time, we will set up bait stations around the property. These bait stations will be strategically placed near dens, active spots and in areas around your yard to create a perimeter defence. The voles will be exterminated once they feed on the bait inside the stations.

Mid-season visit –During this visit we will assess the property to see how the program is working and if any adjustments are needed. We will then inspect each bait station and make sure they are completely clean and refilled with bait. This visit will help keep the vole population down around your property during the summer and keep the vole barrier fully effective.

Late-season visit – This visit will be scheduled later in the season, but before winter is here to stay. At this time of year, voles become very active. They will start searching out food sources and new places for dens. That is why this visit is one of the most important of the year. Again, we will clean out the bait stations and refill them with fresh bait.

Do you let us know if you are coming?
Yes, you will receive an email a day before you are scheduled for a service. You don’t need to be home, just make sure that your gates are unlocked so we can access the entire property.
After your visit, we will leave a service card on your door letting you know that we completed your service and any important notes.

Tell me more

about the program:

How do you control the voles and what products to you use?
Primarily, to control voles we set up several bait stations around your property. These stations contain bait that the voles find irresistible. The voles will go into the bait stations to feed and in just a few days, they will succumb to the bait. The bait stations that we use are designed for safety. It allows us to use the highly effective bait in a very safe way. The stations are specially designed larger rodents like voles and provide a comfortable environment for them to feed on the very bait that will be their demise. We use specially formulated bait that the voles find irresistible and are the safest on the market and most importantly, these baits are registered for use in and around residential homes.

Are the bait stations safe? Yes, we use only the highest quality, commercial-grade bait stations on the market. These bait stations are designed for safety as they are tamper-resistant and can only be opened with a special key. Inside, “bait posts” hold the bait very securely to help offer one of the safest vole control programs available.

Is your program safe for pets and kids?
Yes, from the tamper-resistant bait stations, the bait, and because the work is carried out by a certified applicator, licensed by the Province of Alberta we feel we have one of the safest programs available. We would never offer a program that would not be safe your pets and kids.

Is there any I need to do after you set everything up?
Not at all, with this program you do not need to lift a finger and your vole problem will soon be a distant past. Just let us know if there is anything out of the ordinary (bait stations missing or full of dirt) and we will schedule a free service call.

If I get the program, will I never see a vole again?
Voles are everywhere and they are always looking for new places to build dens and new food sources. The goal of the Vole Control Program is to have the rodents not take residence on your property. Having voles living on your property is a guaranteed way to have your lawn torn up every winter only to see the damage when the snow melts. If the odd vole comes running through your yard, that is totally normal, after all, they are wild critters. If you happen to see new holes forming around your sidewalk and patio and it seems like the voles of moving back in, just give us a call and we will schedule a free service visit.

Do I just need to do this for one season and the voles will be gone for good?
If you opt to have the program for one season, all voles will be exterminated from your property. That being said, voles are wild rodent are everywhere in Calgary. They are constantly looking for new homes as their current dens fill up. If you don’t continue using a program for ongoing protection, there is a high probability that new voles will move back in and become a nuisance once again. If you have had voles before, then you have a greater chance of getting them again and they seem to favor certain properties and areas. At the end of your program, we will send you an offer for on-going protection.

Are the bait stations mine?
The bait stations remain the property of Cougarstone Lawn Care and are allocated to your property for the duration of your Vole Control Program, and they will be removed at the end of your program. If you choose to get on-going vole protection after your 1st year and we will continue to monitor the condition of bait stations and replace any bait station if needed, free of charge.

Can I fill the holes?
Yes, after a couple weeks, we recommend that you fill the holes with soil and grass seed. This way, it is easier to tell if any new voles are trying to get into the same areas. If holes are created again, wait 2 more weeks and fill the holes again. That should be enough time for the voles to be exterminated, but if you notice a persistent issue, do not hesitate to call us for a free service call and we will check the matter quickly. With our program, you can be confident that you will get the best customer service experience.

Tell me

More about voles

What is a vole?
A vole is a small rodent that is often mistaken for a mouse. The difference is, voles have shorter tails, no ears sticking up and are larger than mice. Voles also prefer being outdoors especially in the cold, and do not like being indoors, so it is unlikely that they will try to enter your home.

Why do I have voles?
Its pretty easy to get voles. If you have a yard with some lawn, you are at risk for getting voles. Your lawn, ornamental plants and vegetable gardens are their food. They also like living very close to their food source, so that is why they make dens under your sidewalks, patios, sheds and decks.

What happens if I don’t do anything?
If voles have dens on your property and you do not exterminate them, they will continue to live there. As new litters are born several times per year, they will out grow their current home and head out to find new homes. Having voles continuing to live on your property may increase the likelihood of predators seeking them out. Predators that like voles are the coyote, weasel, bobcats, lynxes & the cougar.

I know I had voles this spring, but now that it is summer, I don’t see any. Are they gone?
Chances are they are still living on your property and replicating. In the summer as grass and plants are growing actively, it’s more difficult to see the damage that they do.

If I sign up for the vole control program, is it guaranteed that I will have no damage?
As mentioned above, voles like to live close to their food source. But in Calgary we all live very close to one another. Because of this, it is possible that even with a vole control program that you still can get some damage to your landscape. It usually is very minor and caused from a vole living next door.

My neighbour has voles and won’t do anything about it. Can you still help?
It can be frustrating when you are trying to take care of your yard and your neighbour won’t. However, the Vole Control Program can still definitely help even if you neighbour does nothing. Any nearby voles should be attracted to the bait stations and the program will still be effective for you. If your neighbour also wants to sign up, great. This will help create an even bigger defence around your properties.

If I get the Vole Control program, I will never see voles again?
Once you have a program in place, it will start to work immediately, and the vole population will be reduced. Please remember, voles are everywhere, and some may still roam into your yard, and this is totally normal. The goal of the vole control program is to exterminate voles that are living on your property. Should any voles try to live on your property, they will quickly be attracted to the bait and will be exterminated.

Can I control voles by myself?
Many people try to control voles on their own, usually by trapping. Trapping can be effective but very time consuming. Simple wooden mouse traps baited with peanut butter or vegetables can be placed near dens and active runways to try control the population. If using mouse traps, please remember that they can be dangerous from pets, kids and other non-target animals and must be used in a safe manor. Traps will have to be checked several times a day and carcasses removed. Voles are also known to become shy around traps once they figure out what they are and that can allow the voles population to continue to rise.
Box stores like Home Depot and Lowes supply consumer-grade bait stations for mice and rats. Many of these products are one-time use and not great for the environment as they create unneeded waste. The bait used inside is usually also consumer-grade and not as effective as commercial products that only certified companies can get.

What can I do to prevent

voles in Calgary?

There are a few things you can do to help reduce the likelihood of a vole infestation in your yard. While hiring a rodent exterminator in Calgary will definitely work, there are a few other techniques you can do that will discourage voles from finding den location on your property.

#1 – Tidy up your yard. You should try to avoid having yard waste (branches, firewood, leaves) and other items (tarps, garbage bags) left lying around on the ground. All of these items give voles an area to be protected.
#2 – Maintain your lawn regularly. Your lawn should be mowed weekly for most of the season and maintaining a mowing height of around 3”. Letting your lawn become overgrown is not only is bad lawn care practice, but voles will love it.
#3 – Mow your lawn short right before winter. Your last couple cuts of the season should take place in late October, right before the snow arrives. Mowing your lawn short right before winter is not only good practice to keep your lawn in good shape for the following year. It will also take away the voles’ main winter food source. Voles like to live close to their food source, so if your lawn is cut really short, they are more likely to try find dens on properties where to lawn was left long before winter. You should try cutting your grass at 1.5 – 2 inches at the end of the season.

How much does it cost to treat voles in Calgary?

The season-long Vole Control program for Calgary is priced at $509 +GST for 1 year of protection. This price covers most residential properties 10,000 sq ft and under. Larger properties or more complex issues may cost more. From time to time we may offer promotions, so be sure to check.


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