Happy Thanksgiving everyone

Happy Thanksgiving everyone from the Kentucky Fried Catholic. While I know it's popular now to do a thankful for post everyday in November up to the big day, but, much like my plate today, I like to pile them all up on one day. So here I goI'm thankful for

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1. My faith even my Protestant upbringing, but I realize how truly lost I was when I was not practicing my faith in my young adulthood.

2. My country to live in a place where I can practice my faith freely, and proclaim my faith without fear of persecution (which is essentially what this blog and the podcast serve as)

3. My wife she truly is my other half. Let's face it, without her, I'd be a recluse with milk crates as furniture and my trash would consist of pizza boxes and take out cartons.

4. My son what a wonderful gift from God he is.

5. My mother a pillar of spiritual strength.

6. My father and my step-mother incredible people with tremendous patience, especially with a hard headed son

7. My siblings my brother and both step sisters blessings all the way around

8. My friends you each have added to my life in ways that I cannot full appreciate or explain

9. My job I am thankful to not only have employment, but such that let's me use my God given talents everyday

10. My parish community truly blessed to be a part of such a vibrant parish full of such great people

11. My last parish community still miss all of you guys at Pax Christi

12. My aunts and uncles incredible to be as close to my extended family as I am

13. My cousins let's face it, sometimes, cousins are better than siblingssometimes

14. My (our) dogs even though I suspect our yorkie/pom mix is a megalomaniac and our puggle is just a pawn in his plan, still love them.

15. My God given talents truly blessed to have the abilities, capacities, and talents. Without them, wouldn't have my job, nor this blog, the artwork for this, or the podcast

16. The natural beauties that I've seen Mammoth Cave, the Atlantic Ocean, the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains all the awe inspiring things on this Earth.

17. Books I am a bookworm. Love books. Bible, the Catechism, apologetic books, tomes of fiction (Winds of War, War and Remembrance, Atlas Shrugged), political, sci-fi, Harry Potterjust almost anything

18. I can't have a frying pan in my logo and not be thankful for food right? I am thankful for food

19. The mother of my son hold on, the reason I say that is that soon after the birth of our son, there was a moment that losing my wife was a very real possibility. So I am very thankful that my son has his mother in his life.

20. Our home being a kid growing up in a mobile home in tornado territory, am glad to be in a solid foundation home and out of the tornado alley

21. My sense of humor I am glad God gave me the ability to see the humorous side in most situations

22. Art Classic art to modern art (not too "modern" "art"). Escher, Raphael, Dali, Michaelangelo, Rodin. I studied a little in high school (even sketched the avatar for this blog). Studied architecture for a while in college before ending up in engineering. Huge fan of architecture and art and it's role in the history and spread of the church.

23. Music while the Almighty hasn't inspired someone to make the bucket that I could carry a tune in, I did play instruments in high school, studied music theory a tad, and have a huge appreciation for music of all kinds. Music has a power that few other forms can match

24. My early saint my wife and I faced a miscarriage in 2012 and while I never met my second child in this life, I am thankful for the day that I will.

25. A passion for learning while I have been accused of being a know-it-all, I am fully aware of the fact that I don't and have a huge drive toward learning more and more each day

26. My mistakes there's a saying that I can't remember where I heard (an old Disney movie I think) Even if you fall flat on your face, you are still moving in the right direction forward. My mistakes are opportunities to learn (see 25)

27. the fact I have so much to be thankful for. Can't believe I have so much. But then I did just end that one in a preposition, which is back to 26, which goes back to 25.

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