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It always surprises me how many businesses don't seem to know all the places their business is showing up online. Directory listings with broken links, outdated contact info and customer reviews with no company response are signs of a company that isn't aware, or isn't marketing.

If your business has ever been listed in the yellow pages or any directory that has credibility, chances are you have business pages available to claim. Business pages with your name on them and content that is controlled by someone else. Having an online presence is awesome but it needs to be monitored and updated. Make sure content is accurate and on strategy.

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Online directories are free, they add credibility to your business, they provide back links to your website and offer more chances of getting your name in front of customers. Some business pages allow you to post your latest news, mention offers, engage with customers and control all the information about your business.

How To Get Listed in Online Directories:

  1. Google your business name and your business category.
  2. Look for online directories in the search results.
  3. Claim any webpages that your company is already listed in.
  4. Add your company to directories that are credible.

Some pages you will be able to edit immediately while others you will need to first be verified. After you gain access to your business pages fill it with content.

  • Add text to communicate your key business message
  • Add Links to key pages on your website
  • Add Links to your social platforms
  • Add Photos
  • Confirm your location and contact information
  • Confirm your business category

#1 Directory every business should be in no excuses . is Google + Pages.

Google offers free G+ Local pages, Business Pages and Brand Pages. Google is a search engine so it makes good sense to use their tools. In fact, probably the first thing an SEO company does is build Google + Pages for their customers.

In addition to Google, find other FREE local web page opportunities for your business to get listed. Check out what your local town/city's business directory on their website. Depending on your business, apps such as Yelp and FourSquare might be a good fit.

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