Purchasing Old Domains For Seo

It is common for experienced web masters to buy old domain names to use when creating new web sites. Although this is a fantastic plan, this may also cause some problems. I wrote this page to explain to you what you need to watch out for when purchasing a used domain name. I'll also give you some tips on where and how to go about getting an old domain.

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The first thing I want to do is debunk one of the major myths on old domain names. Domains created before 2004 do not have any special seo power to them. Someone from Google has specifically stated this in a video debunking the myth.

Purchasing a used domain name can give you the ability to freely and quickly build back links to your new site. You won't have to worry about the search engines becoming suspicious that your domain is suddenly getting lots of links like you would with a brand new domain. Just make some updates to the site and then start your link building. The search engines will assume that the new flurry of links has been caused by the updates.

You'll want to purchase a domain name that has your target key word in it. Also, you may want to find a domain that is already ranking highly in the search engines and has a lot of links to it. Many domains already have traffic and rankings so you may want to go after them. Do not buy a site that is not listed in the search engines at all. If it is not in the search engines even for it's domain name, then it is probably banned.

Take a look at the back links that are going to the used domain name. Have the previous owners been using sound seo strategies? If they have you'll see a diverse set of links pointing to the site with strong anchor text. Be aware that some of the links may be links with monthly or yearly fees. Do you want to continue to pay the companies to list your links, or will you be canceling these links.

You can find domains for sale on large domain auction sites. Godaddy is a great place to find auctions on domains and you can find some gems at bargain prices. You may also want to check sites like Flippa and Ebay for some obscure deals.

Once you've purchased your domain you'll want to keep it registered with the same domain host. This will ensure that the site retains it's rankings and age. Switching registry will cause you to lose the power of the domains age and possibly it's rankings as well.

After you've setup your new website and optimized it to the fullest, you'll want to begin link building immediately. Link building is something that needs to be done for as long as you own a site. You can do this yourself or you can hire someone to do it for you.

There are many companies with great seo packages to take advantage of. Make sure these companies know your goals for the site and they will do the rest.

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