Review Heart of the Desert

Judging by the cover and the back cover quotes, Heart of the Desert should have been an emotionally charged, uber sexy detailed account of 2 individuals both with tragedy in their pasts, finding each other, only to have their disapproving families attempt to rip them apart.

This is not that story. Its not even close to that story. Instead this is the bastardization of the great sheikh romance novels. Its poorly written with murky language and unclear plot direction that only serves to confuse and annoy the reader. Its poorly executed with timeline jumps, jumps in conversations between characters, no character motivation and little background or detailed societal culture.

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Its the worst sort of novel, one that rely's on the readers understanding of the genre and the type of novel it is to fill in the gaps rather than fill them in with detailed plot lines or characters with depth or development. Its the kind of novel that non romance readers poke fun at, swooning, shallow women who don't stand up for themselves, dark heros who only serve to stomp around and pout while we call that alpha.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing is the lack of clarity in the writing. Let me explain what I mean. Its the kind of book you read that never manages to explain what it's about, or where it's going fully. You just know things about the characters, who they are, where they are, but you don't understand why, what the motivation is, and every time you try to understand, the author distracts you with a "major commotion" in the other room. Kind of like those old murder mystery Benny Hills, where the fumbling detective would be just about to solve or get a key piece of the puzzle that would have allowed him to put the whole mystery together, but the perps would distract him by clanging pots over his head or throwing a chicken at him. Thats how this was. Chickens being thrown, clanging pots and major distraction.

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