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Calgary’s family-owned lawn care company, committed to excellence since 2011. Trust us for local expertise and a personal touch.

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We are a family-owned, locally operated small business specializing in Lawn Maintenance Services and Exterior Pest Control for residential properties in and around the Calgary area. Please click on the video to learn more about Cougarstone Lawn Care and why you should choose us as your local, trusted lawn care service provider. 

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Discover the Cougerstone Lawn Care is your Calgary lawn care company! Our Lawn Care and Pest Patrol Services are second to none and will have you enjoying your yard again in no time. 

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Calgary Lawn Care Packages

Explore our range of Lawn Care Calgary packages tailored for your green space. From basic upkeep to complete lawn transformations, we have the perfect plan for every yard. Ensure your lawn is lush, healthy, and green throughout the seasons with our expert care.

Bee Safe Lawn Care
Child & Pet Friendly Lawn Care
Eco Friendly Lawn Care
Cougarstone Lawn Care Bobcat Package
Cougarstone Lawn Care Lynx Package
Cougarstone Lawn Care Cougar Package
Cougarstone Lawn Care Rocky Mountain Package

Prices are per year, and lawns are up to 2000 square feet. Larger lawns will have additional charges. GST not included.

Start enjoying a weed free lawn this summer!

Our Lawn Care Services

Our comprehensive lawn care packages offer everything your lawn needs to thrive. We guarantee a lush, healthy green space you’ll be proud of. Our lawn maintenance services are pollinator safe and child and pet friendly, ensuring a healthy environment for your family and the local ecosystem.

We notify you before each service and use only the highest quality, golf course grade products, eliminating the guesswork from lawn maintenance services. Plus, you’ll have access to all of our premium products.

Unlimited Weed Control

With every lawn care package, Unlimited Weed Control is included. Early in the season we do a “full blanket” weed control treatment to stop weeds in their tracks. After that, any new weeds that pop up will be spot treated during each fertilizer visit.

This is usually enough to keep your lawn healthy and weed free all season long. If for any reason you have an issue with weeds popping up, just call and ask us for a free service visit.

Once the lawn gets a full-blanket treatment, you should stay off the lawn until the product has fully dried. This can take a few hours depending how warm and sunny it is. Once the product has dried, you may continue to enjoy your yard as usual.

The weed control application will start to work right away, and you will notice the weeds starting to wilt within 24 hours. It can take between 1-2 weeks or a few lawn mowings for the weeds to disappear completely.
We can control any “broadleaf weed” in your lawn. The most common weeds that we see in lawns are dandelions, clover and thistle.
Our weed control and fertilizer packages are for your lawn area only. We do not treat any garden bed areas as we do not want to harm any plants that are not weeds. Our weed control treatment is specially designed to control the weeds in your lawn without harming the grass.

Premium Fertilization Services

We offer premium lawn fertilizer services in Calgary to ensure your lawn remains lush with healthy growth year-round.

Our fertilization services are designed to provide your lawn with the essential nutrients it needs throughout the year, ensuring a thick, green, and healthy lawn that’s the envy of the neighbourhood. Trust us to keep your lawn lush, green, and healthy all year round.

With a fertilizer application, you can start to use your lawn right away. It is recommended to water the lawn first, let it dry and then enjoy your lawn. If you received a weed control treatment with your fertilizer application, please wait until the next day before you water. Instructions will be left at your door after the service is completed.

After you water your lawn to activate the fertilizer, you will notice your lawn start to look better in just a few days.

Absolutely not! The fertilizers that we use are the most premium fertilizers that are available. They are custom blended formulas that are made for lawns in Calgary and are the safest. The fertilizer that you can buy from the box stores in Calgary cannot compare in quality and longevity to ours. We are always improving our fertilizer blends and programs to make sure our clients are getting the best results with their programs.
No. There are many fertilizers out there and most are marketed to homeowners. These readily available fertilizers are sold nationwide and are not formulated properly for our region. Homeowner grade fertilizers are lower quality and there is increased risk of damage to your lawn by improper use. The coating used on our fertilizer is high quality and provides a gentle, long feeding. With our fertilizers, you can be sure that you will get a healthy green lawn.
Early season lawn care

Early-Season Fertilizer Application

In the spring, you will receive a granular lawn fertilizer application. This fertilizer is formulated for the spring and will help green up your lawn and promote grass growth after dormancy during the winter months. This application will focus on “waking up” the lawn from winter dormancy by feeding it nitrogen.

Mid season lawn care

Mid-Season Fertilizer Application

Once the temperatures start to rise and the lawn starts growing faster, a mid-season application of fertilizer is applied. This fertilizer application focuses on deeper root system growth to help the lawn prepare for the heat of the summer. It is also packed full of iron, a micro-nutrient that helps your lawn get that deep-green colour.

Late Season lawn care

Late-Season Fertilizer Application

As summer begins to wind down in Calgary, you will receive a Late-season fertilizer application. This application is specifically formulated to help your lawn recover after a stressful summer and will help your lawn grow deep, strong grass roots. Your lawn will look amazing up until the end of the lawn growing season.

Liquid Aeration

Discover a cleaner, more efficient way to aerate your lawn with our Liquid Aeration service! This innovative method offers a slew of benefits: it leaves no messy cores or plugs, avoids damage to underground systems, ensures full lawn coverage, and is safe for pets and children with its organic-based materials.

Enjoy healthy grass that doesn’t look like it’s been visited by a flock of geese, with reduced risks of weed infestation, pest spread, or disease. Plus, our service reaches every corner of your property without risking damage to your home.

With a traditional core aeration, it is important to mark sprinkler heads to prevent any damage with the large aeration machine. However, with Liquid Aeration you do not need to mark your sprinkler heads.

Liquid Aeration is more effective than a core aeration because you get 100% coverage rather than holes poked in your lawn only where the aeration equipment can access. Liquid Aeration is also rich in carbon that will help your soil thrive. Rather than just pulling out cores, you get other added benefits too.

Yes, aerating a lawn yearly is important for the maintenance of your healthy lawn. Aerating helps your grass grow a deeper root system by loosening compacted soils. Compacted soils can cause shallow root growth and accumulation of a thick thatch layer.

With a Liquid Aeration, there will be no cores left on your lawn! Only a tradition core aeration will leave cores on your lawn. Those cores are meant to remain on your lawn until they break down naturally with watering and lawn mowing. It can take 2 to 4 weeks for the cores to fully break down. Another reason to choose a liquid aeration.

Yes, it is important to water your lawn within 12 hours of an application of Liquid Aeration. This will help move to product down into the soil so it can do its magic.

Soil Enhancer and Soil Flusher​

The soil enhancer application will be applied at the beginning of your lawn care program and will make your soil a soft, nutrient-rich environment for your lawn and grass seed to thrive. This granular application will slowly feed your lawn for months with a rich carbon and Humic acid source that will increase microbial activity, improve soil quality, break down clay and increase water retention.

Your lawn will benefit by a yearly carbon feeding by increasing its root growth which allows for higher nutrient uptake and better resilience during dry periods.

A soil enhancer is a granular application that enriches the soil with carbon and Humic acid, promoting microbial activity and improving soil quality. This creates a nutrient-rich environment that allows your lawn and grass seed to thrive, leading to stronger root growth, better water retention, and increased resilience during dry periods.

The soil flusher is designed to break down clay and flush out excess salts from your soil, which can accumulate over time and hinder grass growth. By improving soil structure and permeability, the soil flusher ensures that nutrients and water can penetrate deeper into the soil, promoting a healthier and more robust lawn.

For optimal results, the soil enhancer should be applied at the beginning of your lawn care program, typically in early spring. This timing allows the nutrients to feed your lawn throughout the growing season. The soil flusher can be applied as needed, usually once or twice a year, depending on the condition of your soil.

Yes, both the soil enhancer and soil flusher treatments are safe for your family and pets. We use organic-based materials that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, ensuring a safe and healthy lawn for your loved ones to enjoy.

While some improvements may be noticeable shortly after application, the full benefits of the soil enhancer and soil flusher treatments will become more apparent over time. Enhanced soil quality, better water retention, and stronger root growth will contribute to a healthier, lusher lawn throughout the season.

"I highly recommend Cougarstone. We began using them after a chinch bug infestation took most of our lawn and had to be replaced. We have them out annually now. The cost of prevention is far less than the cost of replacement. Mike & his team are extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and prompt."
Jon VanDyke
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Jake took care of our last service request for fall. Cougarstone Lawn Care has been prompt and professional for all their visits, ensuring the gate is closed after and letting us know they completed the service. We used them to keep our lawn in good shape over the summer months, free from weeds and to keep the grass healthy and lush.
Robyn Derdall
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I've worked with Mike for the last 10 years and I always find him and his team very professional. Cougarstone Lawn Care is always responsive and care for my lawn as if it is their own. I also would like to thank Jake for his weed control and fertilizer service this season. We have zero weeds in our yard!
Hakan Haskoylu
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Calgary Pest Control Packages

Vole Control Program

If you have little rodents called voles tearing up your lawn or digging holes, we have the solution for you. Our season long Vole Control Program will exterminate the voles on your property and keep you protected for the entire season.

Chinch Bug Control Program

Chinch bugs are a huge issue in some areas of Calgary and they can cause tremendous damage to your lawn. Our Chinch Bug Control Program will save your lawn from these nasty bugs.

Ant Control Program

Ants, spiders, and other creepy crawlies can really “bug” you when you are relaxing in your yard, and you don’t want them getting into your house. Our Perimeter Insect Control Program can help eliminate these annoying insects.

100% Risk-Free Lawn Care Money Back Guarantee

9 Reasons To choose Cougarstone Lawn Care

"I have tried a number of lawn care services in Calgary, no one gives results and customer services like Cougarstone Lawn Care."
James R
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1. Unwavering Quality on Every Job

Our commitment to excellence means consistently delivering top-quality lawn care services, ensuring your yard is the envy of the neighborhood every time.

2. Friendly and Trustworthy Team

Our skilled professionals aren’t just experts in lawn care—they’re friendly locals who respect your home and garden. 

3. Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

For your peace of mind, we’re fully insured, covering everything from routine lawn care to snow removal, with workers’ compensation for every team member. 

4. Dependable Service, Whatever the Weather

Our reliability is unmatched. We’re there when we say we will be, come rain or shine, ensuring your lawn care is on schedule.

5. Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy, we’ll make it right at no extra cost to you. 

6. Hassle-Free Payment Options

With our convenient credit card billing, managing payments is easy and secure, saving you time and hassle. 

7. Top-Tier Customer Support

Need to reach out? We offer stellar customer service, making communication easy via email or phone for any questions or scheduling needs.

8. Praise from Happy Clients

Our service speaks for itself, and many 5-star reviews from our satisfied clients are a testament to our dedication. Take a moment to read their experiences! 

6. No contracts! Cancel anytime

We believe in earning your business every visit, which is why we don’t require contracts. Enjoy the freedom to choose us for the quality we deliver.

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