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Cougarstone Lawn Care- Calgary Lawn Aeration Services

At Cougarstone Lawn Care, we understand that a well-aerated lawn is crucial for maintaining lush, green grass. Our Lawn Aeration services in Calgary are designed to improve soil structure, enhance nutrient uptake, and promote healthy root growth. 

Lawn Aeration Calgary

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Discover the Cougerstone Lawn Care is your Calgary lawn care company! Our Lawn Care and Pest Patrol Services are second to none and will have you enjoying your yard again in no time. 

Finished this summers lawn care treatment. I’ll definitely go with Cougarstone Lawn Care again next year. Mike came to my home, did a thorough inspection of my lawn problem, and came up with some excellent solutions to solve my issues. He was able to start on his first day of assessment. I highly recommend going with Cougarstone Lawn Care. They promptly get back to you, are friendly to deal with, and very professional in how they conduct their business.
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I have been using Cougarstone for a few months now for spring cleanup and routine lawn maintenance and have been very impressed and happy with the services they have provided. All of their staff are incredibly friendly and professional, our yard looks great and their customer service is prompt and helpful. I would highly recommend Cougarstone.
Jonathan Hordo
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This is the first time I use the services of Cougarstone Lawn Care. The weeds in our lawn were getting out of control. They have a blanket application that worked very well. We also had dead spots and Mike diagnosed it as Chinch bug infestation. It was a 2 step treatment plan. The yard is looking much better now. Mike is friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable, and helpful. Highly recommended.
Eduardo Co
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Benefits of Liquid our Aeration Services

Discover a cleaner, more efficient way to aerate your lawn with our Liquid Aeration service! This innovative method offers a slew of benefits over deep core aeration: it leaves no messy soil cores or plugs, avoids damage to underground systems, ensures full lawn coverage, and is safe for pets and children with its organic-based materials.

"I have tried a number of lawn care services, none are as good as Cougarstone Lawn Care."
Dianne S
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Enhanced Soil Penetration

Liquid aeration uses a liquid solution to penetrate the soil deeply, breaking down compacted soil more effectively than traditional core aeration. This process improves water infiltration and nutrient absorption, allowing your grass roots to access essential resources more efficiently.

Convenient and Non-Disruptive

Unlike traditional core aeration, which leaves plugs of soil on the surface, liquid aeration is a non-disruptive method to reduce soil compaction. There are no unsightly plugs left behind, and you can immediately enjoy the benefits of a well-aerated lawn without any mess.

Environmentally Friendly

Liquid aeration products often contain natural and organic ingredients, making them an environmentally friendly choice for lawn care. These products improve soil health without the need for heavy machinery or synthetic chemicals, supporting sustainable lawn maintenance practices.

Frequently Asked Question About Lawn Aeration

Got lawn aeration questions? We’ve got answers! As a dedicated Calgary Lawn Care Company, our expertise has been keeping lawns lush and pest-free since 2011. 

With Liquid Aeration you do not need to mark your sprinkler heads. With traditional lawn core aeration services, it is important to mark sprinkler heads to prevent any damage with the large aeration machine. Liquid aeration is a non-disruptive alternative that is actually able to penetrate deeper!

Liquid Aeration is more effective than a core aeration because you get 100% coverage rather than holes poked in your lawn only where the aeration equipment can access. Liquid Aeration is also rich in carbon that will help your soil thrive. Rather than just pulling out cores, you get other added benefits too.

Yes, aerating a lawn yearly is important for the maintenance of your healthy lawn. Aerating helps grow deeper roots by loosening compacted soils. Compacted soils can cause shallow root growth and accumulation of a thick thatch layer.

With a Liquid Aeration, there will be no cores left on your lawn! Only a tradition core aeration will leave cores on your lawn. Those cores are meant to remain on your lawn until they break down naturally. It can take 2 to 4 weeks for the cores to fully break down. Another reason to choose a liquid aeration.

Yes, it is important to water your lawn within 12 hours of an application of Liquid Aeration. This will help move to product down into the soil so it can do its magic.

Author: Michael Denis

"I met the owner, he did my lawn, he was awesome. So nice and friendly and such a hard worker. I won’t ever have to call another company again. Loved it!"
Alexandra C
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"Mike has been taking care of my lawn for over 10 years and i am so happy with his service! He is honest and will tell me exactly what i need. He is reasonable priced and provides excellent service. You cant go wrong with Cougarstone Lawn Care."
Ezi B
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"Professional, curteous, accomodating service. Our lawn looks beautiful! Such a lovely job. Thank you so much! Highly recommend as a dependable company!"
Adi C
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