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Cougarstone Lawn Care- Calgary Lawn Fertilizer Services

At Cougarstone Lawn Care, we offer premium lawn fertilizer services in Calgary to ensure your lawn remains lush with healthy growth year-round.

Lawn Fertilization Calgary

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Discover the Cougerstone Lawn Care is your Calgary lawn care company! Our Lawn Care and Pest Patrol Services are second to none and will have you enjoying your yard again in no time. 

I've worked with Mike for the last 10 years and I always find him and his team very professional. Cougarstone Lawn Care is always responsive and care for my lawn as if it is their own. I also would like to thank Jake for his weed control and fertilizer service this season. We barely had any weeds in our backyard this year, just like the previous years.
Hakan Haskoylu
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Mike and the gang restored my decrepit, weed infested lawn to the lush envy of my neighbours . They were timely in delivering the fertilizer and or weed management and we will continue to use them next year for sure.
Marc Leckman
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Cougarstone Lawn Care has done our weed care and fertilizer for five or six years now - and the lawn has looked great! Appreciate their professionalism.
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Premium Lawn Fertilizer Services

Dreaming of a lush, green lawn that’s the envy of the neighbourhood? Premium fertilization from Cougarstone Lawn Care can help you achieve a thick, healthy lawn all season long.

"I have tried a number of lawn care services, none are as good as Cougarstone Lawn Care."
Dianne S
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Early-Season Fertilizer Application

In the early spring, you will receive a granular lawn fertilizer application. We choose the best lawn fertilizer that is formulated for the spring and will help green up your lawn and promote grass growth after dormancy during the winter months. This application will focus on “waking up” the lawn from winter dormancy by feeding it nitrogen.

Mid-Season Fertilizer Application

Once the temperatures start to rise and the lawn starts growing faster, a mid-season application of fertilizer is applied. This early summer fertilizer application focuses on root growth to help the lawn prepare for the heat of the summer. It is also packed full of iron, a micro-nutrient that helps your lawn get that deep-green colour.

Late-Season Fertilizer Application

As summer begins to wind down in Calgary, you will receive a Late-season fertilizer application. This application is specifically formulated to help your lawn recover after a stressful summer and will help your lawn grow deep, strong roots. Your lawn will look amazing up until the end of the lawn growing season.

Frequently Asked Question About Lawn Fertilization

Got lawn fertilizer questions? We’ve got answers! As a dedicated Calgary Lawn Care Company, our expertise has been keeping lawns lush and pest-free since 2011. 

With our fertilizer application, you can start to use your lawn right away. It is recommended to water the lawn first, let it dry and then enjoy your lawn. If you received a weed control treatment with your fertilizer application, please wait until the next day before you water. Instructions will be left at your door after the service is completed.

After you water your lawn to activate the granular fertilizer, you will notice your lawn start to look better in just a few days.

Absolutely not! The fertilizers that we use are the most premium lawn fertilizers that are available. They are custom blended formulas that are made for lawns in Calgary and are the safest. The granular or liquid fertilizer that you can buy from the box stores in Calgary cannot compare in quality and longevity to ours. We are always improving our fertilizer blends and programs to make sure our clients are getting the best results with their programs.

No. There are many fertilizers out there and most are marketed to homeowners. These readily available fertilizers are sold nationwide and are not formulated properly for our region. Homeowner grade fertilizers are lower quality and there is increased risk of damage to your lawn by improper use. The coating used on our fertilizer is high quality and provides a gentle, long feeding. With our fertilizers, you can be sure that you will get a healthy green lawn.

Author: Michael Denis

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