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Cougarstone Lawn Care- Calgary Weed Control Services

At Cougarstone Lawn Care, we offer top-tier weed control services in Calgary to keep your lawn pristine and free from invasive weeds year-round.

Cougarstone Lawn Care

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Discover the Cougerstone Lawn Care is your Calgary lawn care company! Our Lawn Care and Pest Patrol Services are second to none and will have you enjoying your yard again in no time. 

I've worked with Mike for the last 10 years and I always find him and his team very professional. Cougarstone Lawn Care is always responsive and care for my lawn as if it is their own. I also would like to thank Jake for his weed control and fertilizer service this season. We barely had any weeds in our backyard this year, just like the previous years.
Hakan Haskoylu
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I've engaged Cougarstone Lawn Care for many years and I've been very happy with both the service and the results! My lawn looks great, and the weed control is especially helpful living next to a field. Mike and team do a great job and I'm happy to support a local small business!
Connie Lyndon
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Thank you Mike and staff for always doing such a lovely job of mowing and trimming. The regular fertilizing and weed control only added to the great outcome this year despite the challlenging weather we had in Calgary. Can always count on you and look forward to seeing you again in a few months for spring clean up!
Carol Ellery
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Premium Weed Control Services

Dreaming of a pristine, weed-free lawn that’s the envy of the neighbourhood? Premium weed control from Cougarstone Lawn Care can help you achieve a beautiful, healthy lawn all season long.

"after one weed treatment this summer from Cougarstone Lawn Care, all dandelions and other weeds disappeared!"
Shaun Frenette
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Early-Season Weed Control Application

In the early spring, we begin with a comprehensive “full blanket” weed control treatment. This application is specially designed to stop weeds in their tracks before they have a chance to take over your lawn. Our advanced weed control products target a wide range of common Calgary weeds, ensuring your lawn starts the season strong and weed-free.

Unlimited Weed Control

With every lawn care package, Cougarstone Lawn Care includes Unlimited Weed Control. Our commitment to your lawn doesn’t stop after the initial treatments. Any new weeds that pop up during the season will be spot-treated during each fertilizer visit, ensuring your lawn stays immaculate. If you ever notice weeds returning, simply give us a call, and we’ll provide a free service visit to address the issue promptly.

Transform Your Lawn

Ready to enjoy a lush, weed-free lawn? Check out our Calgary lawn care packages and prices and schedule your consultation with Cougarstone Lawn Care today. Let us help you achieve the lawn of your dreams, free from invasive weeds and full of vibrant, healthy grass.

Frequently Asked Question About Weed Control

Got weed control questions? We’ve got answers! As a dedicated Calgary Lawn Care Company, our expertise has been keeping lawns lush and pest-free since 2011. 

Once the lawn gets a full-blanket treatment, you should stay off the lawn until the product has fully dried. This can take a few hours depending how warm and sunny it is. Once the product has dried, you may continue to enjoy your yard as usual.

The weed control application will start to work right away, and you will notice the weeds starting to wilt within 24 hours. It can take between 1-2 weeks or a few lawn mowings for the weeds to disappear completely.
We can control any “broadleaf weed” in your lawn. The most common weeds that we see in lawns are dandelions, clover and thistle.
Our weed control and fertilizer packages are for your lawn area only. We do not treat any garden bed areas as we do not want to harm any plants that are not weeds. Our weed control treatment is specially designed to control the weeds in your lawn without harming the grass.

Author: Michael Denis

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