Here in Calgary, our lawns take a lot of abuse. Our climate changes drastically over the year, from warm summers to long, cold winters. Also, a high ratio of clay in our Calgary soil means lawns need regular aerations to thrive on a yearly basis. Over the year, the surface of your lawn becomes tightly compacted and covered with dense thatch – a layer of dead stems and roots. Much of the food and water that your lawn needs to stay healthy and beautiful can’t penetrate this surface. Lawn aeration helps to correct these conditions by mechanically removing soil cores. This should be performed each and every spring. Aerating in the spring and fall will help even more. Core aeration benefits the lawn by:

  • Allowing oxygen to reach the roots and soil
  • Allowing organic fertilizers and nutrients to reach the roots
  • Greater water absorption in the soil
  • Breaking up thatch
  • Loosening compacted soil to allow the roots more room to grow
  • Increased protection against drought, insects, disease, and weeds
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