Dog spots and bare patches driving you crazy?

You know how it goes, the snow melts and you look at your lawn, surprise! Dog-spots are everywhere and those voles (little rodents) decided to have an all-you-can-eat buffet on your lawn all winter long. Bare patches and winter damage can be a big problem for lawns here in Calgary. Overseeding can help in a big way by incorporating new grass seed into your existing turf and getting your lawn back into shape. Overseeding will thicken up the lawn and can help with weed control by choking out unwanted weeds such as dandelions. Did you know that overseeding should be done yearly on lawns that get mowed? In the wild, grasses re-seed themselves yearly, while in an urban setting they get mowed down before they get a chance to go to seed. Help your lawn perform the way nature intended by giving seeds back, call 403-324-5296 now to book.

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“After some voles moved into my lawn over winter, they completely destroyed it. Mike did some overseeding, and now it’s completely repaired.”

James C, Cougar Ridge

“Thanks for chatting with me on the phone today, I am so glad you were able to fit us into your busy schedule. I tried calling a couple other companies before you and no one even returned a call. We will call you for any other work in the future.”

Mary R, Patterson