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Whatever business you are in, if you are going through tough times as many businesses are at the moment, then this article will be of value to you. Whether you are selling a product or service, the first thing you got to do is get excited again. Look, whether you go out on the road meeting your clients or you sell over the phone, etc, you need to really elevate your level of excitement. Look, people are totally snowed under with negativity from the press, and generally in these economic times, from every angle possible.

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They are used to sales people and their friends talking negatively. Here is where you can have an edge with your business. Approach everyone you meet with massive positivity. Ok, you are going to be asked where the positivity is coming from and you merely answer that you are massively grateful for all the things you have in your life. You are massively proud of your family, for example, your children, your business, etc. People will be naturally curious and I promise you that your positivity will rub off.

People want to be around positive people who have a can do attitude. By you selling yourself in this way, you are already making a statement that you are going to be a reputable positive person in this person's life whether they give you business or not. Attitude for me is the most important word in the English dictionary. Your attitude will determine how other people react to you. If you have a negative attitude with a prospective client, he will react negatively and depending on how long the conversation lasts for, you will actually will have made him feel that there is no work out there. Talk about a bad plan!. Your job as a business hunter is to fill your prospects up with positivity, you will get it returned and if you do the numbers, it will not be long before sales start coming in regularly.

The second point ties in with the first point in that you must feel good about yourself. A great way to change how you feel about yourself is to repeat affirmations every morning. Continuously tell yourself that you are smart, creative, a brilliant sales person etc. Our job here is to make you bullet proof. Remove the words, I should of, I cant, I will try, etc. All these phrases convey doubt and fear. Remove them and start repeating those positive affirmations daily. People want to do business with positive, confident people who know where they are going in life. Turn up to your customers in your best attire, drive an expensive car. You are an excellent human being and you deserve every bit of success you get. Let your customers see this. Immediately their sub-conscious will feel an element of class and value about you. As if to say, "This person certainly is successful so I don't think I would be making a mistake by doing business with him". You are the man my friend and ultimately they will agree with you and give you their business.

Thirdly you need to stand for something. The best sales people in business have immense influence over their customers. They stand for quality, integrity, honesty but they will never let themselves be undermined by a customer. When this happens, a truly successful business person will drop the client immediately. You have core values my friend and because of those values, you have attracted outstanding clients. Never let your standards drop both in how you treat your customers and how your customers treat you. If you do this, all that will end up happening is that you will start firefighting because you left the path of true success. Never give a sucker an even break. People want to do business with professionals. Always maintain your professionalism.

Another vital point in being successful in business at the moment is being committed. How committed to your business?. If you have a what if attitude, you might as well stop now because any doubt you have on whether you can build this business will be found out in these uncertain times. You will let it leak when you are having a conversation with a prospect for example and the moment when you express that you may not be in this for the long haul, your prospect will lose interest. Straight away you have lost certainty. You must commit and this must be done at the outset. If one is not truly committed, they will quit when the going gets tough. Winning in business in terms of commitment is very similar to having a successful marriage. You must commit 100% and when you do, you will be rewarded with extra courage when the going gets tough. There is so much power in your words. Never talk about lack or being non committed.

Another great point for selling especially when you are face to face with a prospect is to treat him as if he is the most important person in the world. Look, everybody now especially as we have this global crisis are only interested in themselves. They have their own problems and as far as they are concerned, everybody else's problems are their problems. Let You be the change away from the norm here. When you are with a prospect, never talk about yourself. Only ask questions about the welfare of your prospect and his family. Expert sales people here use the peel the onion technique. What you do is question every answer your prospect comes back with. Eventually he will lead you if he permits to the real problems and dilemmas in his life and business.

If you can always be encouraging and even often solutions to him at that point, you have made a friend for life. I say this, because most people in society don't open up to each other. When you open up to someone, you feel as if you have given them something of yourself and then if they try and help you, even better!. This method is really powerful in sales and it's scientifically proven that there is an element of control involved when this peel the onion method works. So treat all your prospects as if they we're the most important person in the world. Get to their pain. Find out exactly how they could do their job better and provide the solutions but you need to really listen here. You will be laughing all the way to the bank with new sales. Become the problem solver

Another key is priorities. Although this is a business article, i think you should put business in it's rightful place. For me, God comes first, my Family comes second and business comes third. I do not see the value in being successful in business without a good spiritual and family life. Business becomes easier when you strive to have a great relationship with your partner, when you strive to have great kids, etc. Its all about being committed, and the more committed you are in every area of your life, the more success you will have and the more fulfilled you will be.

Ultimately in my opinion, i have left the most important point until the end. For me it's all about desire and will to win. You see, all types can have success irrespective of race, gender, qualifications, etc but when you cut these people open, you will find a common theme, you'll find the heart of a champion. These people are comfortable with failure. Thomas Edison before he invented the Light Bulb failed 10000 times. If you have had asked him, he would of said that those attempts we're the attempts needed to produce the night bulb. He would never call them failures, they we're simple work in progress. You must have mental toughness, you must be able to get through the tough times. You need to be more positive that your competition, more committed, hungrier for business, must work harder. You must invest in yourself and your business more than your competition. I'm talking about 100% commitment which is being a leader in your field. If I arrived at your business tomorrow, I would know within an hour whether a Leader is running this business or a person who has a what if attitude.

Forget about almost, what if, should, cant, try, all these negative words. If you are looking to build something that you want to pass onto your kids, if you want to build something that you can be proud of, well then do it right. Be 110% committed. There is no other way. The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. I hope you got value from this article and I sincerely wish that you follow your dream and become a massive success with your business. Remember, True Leaders never make excuses. All they make is money and build legacies because they have tunnel vision for their business'es. Your behavior ultimately will determine your success, not what you say. Leaders get it done, failure always have excuses.. God Bless.!

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