Moradok Mai Community Theatre

On Friday, November 15th, Moradok Mai Community Theatre performed a traditional Thai dance in Baker Theatre for OUs International Education Week.

The traditional Thai dance performance was a theatrical story expressed passionately through music and dance by the students of Moradok Mai Community Theatre. Various humorous actions occurred, along with encouraged participation from the audience.

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It was really nice and fascinating, Zeya Zhu, a first year masters student from China, said.

Professor Janaprakal Chandruang started the Moradok Mai Homeschool as a form of alternative education for underprivileged kids. Chandruang hoped to create this school in an attempt to not only preserve traditional Thai culture, but to also provide a solid education for those less fortunate.

They totally appreciate education, Paladroi said.

Moradok Mai accepts students between seventh and 12th grade. Students do not have to pay tuition, however, they are responsible for organizing performances to fundraise donations, helping to support their education.

According to Paladroi, students live, eat, study, work and play together in one compound and are placed on a very strict yet effective schedule.

They totally appreciate education, Paladroi said.

While theatre is the most stressed practice within the school, students also take secular classes such as reading, writing, history and more. A large part of the schools philosophy involves teaching students to be involved, integrated and versatile citizens, not just individuals who are capable of passing a written exam.

Shane referred to the rare form of schooling as organic education, mixing education and theatre.

Students also schedule additional performances to raise money to help graduating seniors continue their future studies.

Since opening in 2003, 10 graduated students from the Moradok Mai Homeschool have gone to India to work on their bachelors degree in arts and classical dance.

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