The Toys for Tots race was a success!

The Toys for Tots baja 5b 5th scale RC race was a success and from that race the racing series has now started. If you have a 5th scale or 6th scale rc gas powered model car you are invited to join in the fun and the competition every Saturday at the Sun Valley raceway. From stock to modified there is a class for everyone to compete in so grab your Baja 5b or FG and go weekend RC off-road racing. It is sure to be a lot of fun and include a lot of exciting action from the track as these 21 pound baja 5b's go head to head with each other. These cars will be dealing with jumps, double jumps and table tops which will push the cars to their limits. RC off-road racing is similar to freestyle motorcycle racing and these races will be a test of aftermarket racing components, the manufacturers cars and the ability of the drivers to negotiate the track successfully.

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Twice the fun with two tracks!

Sun Valley raceway has been around for a while and has also been the host to the Nitro gas champs race in 2007 and now offer 5th scale off-road racing. Perfect for the baja 5b's and other 5th and 6th scale models. Along with the SV raceway there is another track which we hope will be part of the racing series. The track is the new HotBox RC off-road track located in Santa Ana California off the 5 freeway. Although the grand opening date has not been announced yet, we've been in contact with Cruz, the owner and operator of the track and can assure you that everything is on schedule for the grand opening of the new track. If you had been to the old HotBox RC track you know how small it was, well the new lot is much bigger now and should provide an excellent place to practice and race.

How to get the GBE performance parts you need.

Before heading off to the race track you may wish to add some high performance components to your baja 5b and the Gabe Brown Engineering staff have been working hard to bring you the best racing parts anywhere. Our test drivers push our performance products hard so we know they will stand up to the abuse of racing. We feel confident that you will appreciate the time and effort it took to research and develop these parts every time you run your car. It's easy to get our parts simply by visiting our site or one of our dealers.

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