Worldliness is a huge problem in the church today.

Every Christian needs to be aware of this trap. I have fallen into it myself. This is a testimony of my mistake and what God showed me while I was in this pitfall.

I became a Christian three years ago. I was taught the ways of the Lord by a mighty man of God (This wonderful man is now my husband). He taught me to seek the Lord and be separate from the world. So that's what I did. I left my old life behind and pushed forward into God.

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About a year later I began to feel confident in my walk with the Lord. I wanted to show all of my old friends just how good I was doing. I wanted them to admire me and be saved like I was. I was also becoming lifted up with pride and setting myself up for a big fall.

I created a Facebook page. I added old friends and people I had went to school with. At first I would post fiery messages about God. I was hoping they would inspire someone to change their life. They didn't.

In fact they where having more of an effect on me. I found myself in worldly conversations. I felt as if I 'fit in' again. It's scary to me now but I enjoyed it at the time. This is what the Lord showed me as this was happening.

I had a dream that I was in a camp. In this camp I was serving the LORD and fulfilling my calling. Then, I noticed on the other side of a big valley, full of sharp rocks and mud, was another camp. I found myself trying to cross over the dangerous valley. I was trying to get to someone on the other side. When I got there I saw this person dressed in army clothes covered head to toe in mud.

The LORD was showing me in this dream that it is dangerous to draw our emotional support from people that aren't walking with God. I believe the person was covered in mud because they where not clean before God. If we become distracted with trying to reach people across the valley, so to speak, we could find ourselves in the wrong camp.

However, I believe we should be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as to when and how to try and win those in our lives who aren't saved.

The Lord also showed me another dream. In this dream I walked into a computer room. I saw one of my worldly friends sitting at a computer. I walked over and sat at the computer next to her. I noticed that she was on her Facebook page. I decided to sign in to mine as well.

I typed in the URL ( and it took me to a completely different page. I tried several more times to enter the address but still I couldn't log on to my Facebook. Finally, I became so frustrated that I turned the computer off completely.

The Lord was showing me the trap of Facebook. It kept taking me to the wrong thing. Worldly friends and ungodly influences. I deleted my Facebook soon after this dream.

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