What is network marketing?

Network marketing is basically the concept of direct selling to the consumers, without having to do any heavy advertising which could cost tons and tons of money. With this method, it's more simple and you could make sales easily that is if you target the right people.

The term "Network Marketing" is about "networking with people" and "marketing to them benefits of a product or service". What I like about network marketing is you get to interact with a lot of people, from all walk of life. You're not alone, you work as a team and they want you to make money because when you make money, they make money and everyone prospers.

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You may heard stories about how network marketing companies went out of business, scammed thousands from their affiliates, product or compensation plan wasn't paying good, etc that's of the past. You need to find companies that has a long record of years, a good track record of revenue, and what the product plus how it works with getting paid is.

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