The sights are much prettier than I remember.

We also fit in dinner in the Sablon District, followed by sunset over the Palace of Justice (with a view of the Atomium, Brussels "Eiffel Tower), and washed it all down with a nightcap of cherry beer in Place St. Gery. Nice.

The next day I hit up Bruges, made popular by the recent Colin Farrell flick In Bruges (which I haven't seen). Bruges gets a bad wrap sometimes because it's been intentionally redesigned in order to capture it's historic appearance, but whatever they're doing, it works. The town captures your heart with it's colorful buildings, horse-drawn carriages (and well-cared for horses!), stone-walled churches and swan-garnished lakes. The window-shopping is ridiculous; unbelievable apple tarts, angelic, hand-sewn lace, great clothing boutiques and all sorts of Belgian trinkets are all over but tastefully, quaintly, sweetly. I couldve easily spent a few days here, but Ghent was waiting.

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Yes, Ghent the forgotten stepchild of Belgian tourism. People focus on Brussels, Bruges and Flanders, but Ghent a university town is slowly getting a little more play these days. I had plans to check out this underdog for lunch and then hang out in the historic center, maybe pose with a few of those historic figures immortalized there in stone. Unfortunately, I had a strict train to Paris to catch, and only got to dip my toes in. Lunch was all I had time for, but it was just long enough to know that this is one laid-back, funky place I definitely want to return to, maybe for a jazz concert or something. That's the initial impression. Chill. Easy. Cool like that.

And altogether, that's the feeling I got from Belgium. Bruges was definitely dollhouse, in it's charm, but in the best way. The people in all three towns are notably easy-going. The sights are much prettier than I remember. The calm and collegiality of the towns puts you right at ease.

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