Motivation for the Small Business Owner

A successful small business entrepreneur gets out of the box and thinks like an Olympian.

We all admire Olympic athletes. No matter whether they are gold medalists or not, they are Olympians and are already champions by their own merits one way or another.

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Small business owners can learn much from Olympians:

  • Motivation with plans. Olympians have road maps, and likewise, a business owner has a business plan in place. Without a quantified planning, things can lead to disappointment, especially when the first months of excitement fades away and realities sink in. Which leads us to the second bullet business process.
  • Focus on the business process. Aware of the long and endless months or even years of preparation, the Olympian now focuses on what he/she needs to do to achieve the goal. Success is based on your aspirations and dreams.
  • Practice work-life balance. Simply, avoid burnt out. Don't overdo things! Olympians harness their desires and enthusiasm for their toils and hard work, and ensure that they don't get burnt out. They have strict regiments worked out by their trainers or coaches. Likewise in business, there are all kinds of business mentors, coaches, advisers, or consultants, from finance planners to life coaches for the serious small business owner. Life balance simply means a time to rest from training and work, and minding good health habits.
  • Periodic review of performance. Sport coaches and athletes always assess the performance of their athletes. A review is important for process improvement. What technique/s and other relevant factors can be improved? In business, business owners can include review in terms of how their competitors are doing, as well as market situation. Regular formal and informal reviews of performance are necessary check to aim for the best.
  • Celebrate. Never forget the joie de vivre a rah! rah!, small reward, or acknowledgement of little things that make a difference, by all means, celebrate it! It gives a good feeling. It can even erase previous disappointments and ill-feelings.

We can't all be Olympians, but at least, as small business owners or self-employed entrepreneurs, we can apply some ways used by these champions as motivating factors for business success.

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