5 Computer Care Tips For Making Your Computer Live Longer!

Computers are very important devices. Nearly everyone has at least some form of a computer in their household. They are vitally important to running almost any kind of successful business. When people learn to take care of their computers, the computer will live much longer than if they person really did not know basic maintenance. Here are some of those tips that can save money by having a computer function properly longer.

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1. Circulation

The first step in a 5-step computer care plan is to make sure the computer has air circulation. Do not put the computer in a cramped space. This means give a desktop an open area to breathe, which will allow the vents to bring in more air to keep the CPU cool as it works harder. Laptops also need air do not keep the vents covered up. Whenever you hear the computer working extra hard, it probably means it is having a hard time cooling itself off.

2. Cleanliness

Step two kind of coincides with step one. Keep your computer clean. This means dusting the outside and using cotton swabs with alcohol to go over the edges of the monitor (never the screen) and the keyboard. Also, you should remove the case of your desktop or laptop at least every six months and dust out the inside. If you are a smoker or have pets, this should probably be more like every two to three months.

3. Surge Protector

The third step is really before ever turning your computer on because it should never be used unless it is plugged into a surge protector. One good surge of electricity will kill your computer. If you are using a modem, it should be plugged into the surge protector as well.

4. Viruses

Never be connected to the internet without having an anti-virus program. If you are connecting to the internet, it should be to download an anti-virus program and nothing else until it is installed. Computers without these are a walking target online. Also, never stick a strange USB drive into your computer because you have no idea what viruses came from a friend's computer that it was on.

5. Plug in Devices

Step five to maintaining a healthy computer is to never plug something into a computer that is running except USB drives. These are the only devices that can be plugged into a computer while it is running.

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