Leaf Cleanup

It is inevitable, leaves will fall in Calgary. Leaf cleanup can be one of the worst, most strenuous jobs you will ever do. Let Cougarstone Lawn Care take care of the job for you. We have invested thousands of dollars to make the job as easy as it can be, this includes high-power blowers to remove leaves from hard to reach areas, lawn vacuums to suck up and reduce volume, and finally a leaf loader that sucks up the leaves and loads it into a truck.

We can take care of the entire fall cleanup process for you. Or, if you don’t mind raking leaves, but find it difficult to bag and remove the leaves, then we can also do curb-side pick-up at a lower price. All you have to do is pile the leaves within a couple feet of the curb, making sure there is room for our truck and trailer to get close. We will suck up the leaves and take them to a recycling facility for you.

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